Monday, October 16, 2006

Male Biological Clock/Diseases That Seem To Come From Nowhere

The High Spontaneous Mutation Rate: Is it a health risk?

Undoubtably It is a tremendous health risk!

Growing evidence suggests that men may be the source of most new genetic mutations in the population, and thus may be responsible for the genetic diseases that seem to come from nowhere. In addition, the older a man gets, the more likely his sperm is to carry genetic mutations.

Statistical evidence supports the premise that an older father is likelier to sire a child with a birth defect than a younger man.

"The human mutation rate for base substitutions is much higher in males than in females and increases with paternal age." "I conclude that for a number of diseases the mutation rate increases with age at much faster rate than linear. This suggests that the greatest mutational hazard in the human population at present is fertile old males."

James F. Crow, University of Wisconsin 1994, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences United States of America

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