Sunday, December 09, 2007

Please Read And Let Your Friends and Family Know

Excerpts from an article that everyone should read and take to heart:Male Health: The Long ShotFrom puberty on, reproductive health and the viability of sperm continue to evolve.By:Mark Teich

TeensUntil age 13 or 14, sperm is not fully formed, increasing the risk of infertility or birth defects.

Sperm may be extremely healthy in older teens, who are famous for their potency. But risky teen behavior may put sperm at risk.20sThese are prime years for male reproduction. Men have the maximum amount of mature sperm cells and the least DNA damage. The risk of producing birth defects or causing other problems in offspring is as low as it ever will be.

30sTestosterone levels start to decline at age 30, bringing a decrease in potency. By 32-34, fertility begins to fall. Men who are 35 or older are twice as likely to be infertile as men under age 25. The mid-thirties also bring a significant increase in sperm DNA damage and thus an increased risk of producing birth defects. One in 99 fathers ages 30-35 sire children with schizophrenia versus one in 141 for fathers under age 25.

40sThe risk of schizophrenia doubles in children of fathers in their late forties compared with children of fathers under age 25. Men 40 and older are nearly six times more likely to have offspring with autism than men younger than 30.50sBy age

50, the DNA cells that create sperm have gone through more than 800 rounds of division and replication, vastly decreasing the quality of sperm and increasing the chances of mutation and birth defects. The risk of schizophrenia almost triples for children of fathers 50 and older; one in 47 fathers sires a child with the condition..............



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