Monday, February 04, 2008

All Highschools Should Teach This Research

Recent studies have indicated that children who are born to older fathers have a higher risk of schizophrenia. Researchers have suggested that the problem of damaged sperm could be the cause of approximately 15% to 25% of all cases of schizophrenia. This is believed to be due to the higher levels of DNA damage in the sperm of older men. Researchers estimate that compared to a male fathering a child in his early 20's - there is double the chance of the child getting schizophrenia when the father is age 40, and triple the risk of schizophrenia when the father is age 50. (though, for most people this means the risk goes from approximately 1 in 121 when a man is 29, to to 1 in 47 when a man is age 50 to 54). Helpful Actions: For reduced risk of children with schizophrenia, men should have children while they are younger, rather than older.



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