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Parental Age May Affect Children Intelligence

Parental Age May Affect Children Intelligence
Opposite Effect Of Maternal and Paternal Age
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Mar 21, 2009

Increasing maternal age is associated with better performance on intelligence tests of children while paternal age is associated with a poorer cognitive performances.

It is already well known that increase parental age is associated with decrease fertility. Unfortunately, increasing parental age has other various negative impacts on children health and should also be of concern for the future parents. More recently, attention to health outcome of offspring of older father has been increased. Since 1996, a practice guideline on genetic counseling for advanced paternal age is public and updated in 2008 by Dr Toriello et colleagues. The report is entitled 'the state of knowledge of advanced paternal age effects on single gene mutations, chromosome anomalies, and complex traits ' (Genet Med. 2008 Jun;10(6):457-60).

Disorders Associated with Increase Paternal Age
Some of the increase risks of disorders of offspring with older fathers are:

Alzheimer disease
Bipolar disorder,
Fetal death
Physical deformity such as Clift lip and palate

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