Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Cryobank that Understands and Respects Genetics and Emotional Psychological Issues

If you are seeking to use donor sperm, the N.W. Andrology and Cryobank in Spokane Washington and Missoula Montana has the best age range for donors. "All donors are between 18 and 35 years of age to minimize age related genetic abnormalities."

Donor Standards

Our donors are recruited from the Northwest US. Most of our donors are either currently involved with, or have finished their higher education at the time of their participation in our donor program. All donors are between 18 and 35 years of age in order to minimize age related genetic abnormalities. All donors are frozen in very limited quantities in order to guarantee that the number of pregnancies created from any one donor are limited. Although all donor histories are reviewed to provide you with donors that should give you a great chance of concieving a healthy and normal baby, there is of course no way to guarantee such an outcome. As all donor family histories will present with their own unique positive and negative attributes, we encourage all clients to review donor information thoroughly prior to purchase and use of specimens.

All of our donors are commercial anonymous donors. We do not provide the identity of any of our donors to clients. All of our donors are asked if they are willing to meet with, or be contacted by, legal aged children that could be produced through their donations. If the donor expresses that he is willing to entertain future contact by legal aged children, then the child must approach the Cryobank to initiate the potential donor contact.
Our donor screening meets or exceeds the standards set forth by the FDA, AATB, ASRM. (Food and Drug Administration, American Association of Tissue Banks, American Society for Reproductive Medicine)

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