Monday, September 28, 2009


The "GREAT CULLING"Set to Begin:
1-2 Swine Flu Sucker Punch:
1. "Live Virus" Nasal Vaccine Starts Pandemic
2. Forced Squalene-Adjuvanted Vaccines End Reproductive Capacity, Sicken, May Kill 90%of Population
Special Message from General Bert:
Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.) Natural Solutions Foundation President
Dear Health Freedom Lover,
Natural Solutions Foundation has never had a more urgent message for you.
Forced Vaccination - of any type - is a disease of the Body Politic. Swine Flu Vaccination is a lethal one.
The H1N1 Swine Flu vaccines have been specifically prepared to cause wide-spread infertility and profound illness: You need to know this information AND you need to become a health advocate for yourself and your community NOW. We have little time.
Let's begin with the basics:
Sucker Punch 1:
Create the Pandemic
1. The first type of vaccine "ready" for distribution is a Live Attenuated Influenza Virus (LAIV) vaccine. administered by the nasal route. LAIVs are particularly dangerous both to the person who takes them AND to those around them. These vaccines cause people to shed the virus to others and infect them. The virus is then able to reassort or mutate as the infected persons (who may be too young to have any idea what is happening) go about spreading the virus into a varied community of friends, neighbors, family members, playmates, people on the subway, anyone.
People like young children, pregnant mothers, people on immunosuppressive drugs and others are told that they should avoid the live virus, yet it will be disseminated into those very populations with no controls or protections since pregnant women, children, First Responders, health care professionals and people with chronic diseases will receive this "first wave" of LAIVs.
What does that mean in detail? Please click here,, to read more.
Sucker Punch 2:
Cull the Population While You Kill the Next Generation
2. In addition to what we already know about the squalene adjuvant and its ability to cripple and kill through powerful auto immune mechanismswhen injected, there is another, deeply shocking reason that the amount of squalene and squalene derivitives (called MF59, AS01, AS02, AS03, AS04, MLP, etc.) to be used in the coming mass vaccination is so insanely high when just a few molecules in the injection can wreak lifeling havoc.
A patent was filed in 1998 for a vaccine which causes permanent infertility when injected. When combined, the materials which cause sterility are a highly active immune irritant (an adjuvant) like squalene in very high doses and a porcine (pig) glycoprotein. Put them together in an injection and not only do you have auto immune consequences like death, or for those who do not die, crippling rheumatoid arthritis, Lou Gehrig's Disease, destruction of the muscles, diabetes, disabling rashes, mental and neurological problems a-plenty, but you have a population of infertile men women and children.



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